Plant Walks and Workshops

Leafy greens full of potassium, vitamin A and calcium, juicy, crunchy stems loaded with essential fatty acids and iron, roots rich in magnesium, and berries with as much vitamin C as oranges…  If you are picturing a garden or farmer’s market full of your favourite fruits and veg, think again!

Instead, picture stepping outside your door, into your backyard or nearest park and checking out the dandelions, purslane, burdock and sumac growing there, because these are the wild and weedy plants I’m talking about.  Let’s take a little walk and see what else we can find.

weeds! 047

Watch out for that plant over there, if you brush up against it…..oops, stung by stinging nettle!  That’s ok, pluck the plantain leaf growing next to it, crush it up and rub it on the sting.  Feel better?  I thought so.  But put on some gloves and harvest a bit of that nettle, and once it’s cooked or dried it loses it sting.  It’s delicious to eat and drink and high in iron and protein!  And that plantain leaf?  It’s wonderful for all kinds of bites, stings and wounds.  Drink the tea if you have a cough.  It’ll help with tummy troubles too.

Ready to keep walking?  There are so many more plants that I’d love to introduce you to and we have only taken just a few steps so far.

weeds! 035

I offer plant walks and workshops all year long.  On walks, we discuss plant identification, edible, medicinal and other traditional uses of common, bioregional plants, harvesting, processing and storage practices, the ethics of wildcrafting and more!

weeds! 025
The workshops are your opportunity to get hands on experience working with the plants. From wild, roasted root coffees, to infused vinegars and herbal salves, you’ll learn how to take the plants from the field and into the pantry or apothecary. You can view all events here.

Have an idea for a workshop?  Let me know and I’ll organise it!

Questions?  Answers!

Workshop in the garden.

8 thoughts on “Plant Walks and Workshops

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  2. Cynthia

    Hi Amber I would like to join the walk Saturday, cannot find the info about where and fee … can you direct me or let me know? Thanks, Cynthia

    1. amber Post author

      Hi Laura,
      You bet! I will add your name to the list to make sure you get those updates. Also, if you’re interested, I have two workshops coming up. One on how to make wild coffee and the other on making herb infused oils and salves. Info here. Cheers!

  3. Nicki Campbell

    Hi Amber,

    Have you already had the workshop with herb infused oils and salves? Where can I find out when your workshops are?


    1. amber Post author

      Hi Nicki,

      Yes the oil and salves workshop was a few weeks ago. The next one on sweet medicine is scheduled for January 18th and I’ve just posted that info which you should see on the sidebar under ‘upcoming events’. If you like, I can also add your name to the newsletter list to receive updates on upcoming walks and workshops!


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